Types of Backlinks in SEO 2021


Types Of Backlinks In SEO 2021

Whenever we talk about OFF-PAGE SEO, the first thing comes into our mind is BACKLINKS

so first of all what are backlinks?

According to the definition:
Backlinks are the link resource of your website on the other website simple words: Backlinks are just the link to your website which is placed on the other website.

Backlinks are important for the SERPs ranking, so we always prefer to do a good quality and quantity backlinks.

Do you ever think that Backlinks also have types?

there are several types of backlinks according to their importance and value, in this blog, these are some types of backlinks are mention which has good authority and value.

01)- EDU

.EDU domain backlinks are very high authority links and getting them is a very big issue, you will not get the High DA Edu links easily

02)- GOV

.GOV links are also very high authority and also very tough to achieve and get the backlink from these sites because they are managed by governments of nations.

03)- ORG

.ORG Domains are contain high DA and they are easy to achieve


These types of links are get by news publishing sites and newspaper sites.These are also very high authority links.


These types of links are achieved by sharing and creating social media pages and profiles, it will increase your DA by providing a good social signal.

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These types of links are achieved by sharing the content by doing guest posting or guest commenting on different sites.



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