Android 12 Roll Out To Devices With All New Features & Specification

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Android 12 beta 2 is out for Google Pixel phones and it brings variety of the privacy features that were showcased at Google I/O last month. Google shared the event through a post on its Android developer blog that states the Privacy Dashboard feature has made its because of Android 12 with the most recent beta. There are feature updates for better functionality, improved stability, and performance tweaks also . Android 12 beta is out there for Pixel 3 and later phones for people who get enrolled within the programme.

Why it’s Android 12?

Google announced last September via an Android Developers blog post that the 2021 Android release are getting to be called Android 12.The aim here is to make things more formal, so Google is employing a basic numbered approach rather than pushing the sweet treat names it used previously. However, we believe that Android 12 is additionally being called Snow Cone – the S moniker appears briefly within the status bar when it first boots up.


Double-tap gesture for Pixel phones

Google is functioning double-tap gesture to Pixel phones with Android 12.When enabled you’ll provides a fast double-tap to the rear of your phone to need a screenshot, but you’ll program it to undertake to to other stuff too. It are often configured for other actions, too, wish to require launch Google Assistant, pause/resume media playback, open the notification shade, and open the recent apps view.

Lock Screen Clock

The first thing you’ll probably notice the first time you power up a phone running Android 12 is that the new lock screen clock. along side your phone beyond notifications an outsized digital clock takes up pride of place right within the centre of the screen.

PIN code keys

When you swipe to unlock the phone you’ll notice a fresh design for the PIN code keypad. The ‘buttons’ are round, large and minimal with pastel shades. We suspect this same design will eventually feature on the phone dialler too.


Notifications have undergone something of a design overhaul too. the planning of notification windows has changed, and that they are automatically grouped per app, or separated out if they’re not conversational.

Also, there is a simple new snooze control that you simply simply simply tap to snooze, rather than having to swipe on the notification. Then you’ll snooze specific notifications for a gaggle amount of some time .

Privacy dashboard

One of the most new official changes is that the Privacy Dashboard. It’ll provide you with quick access to determine what apps have accessed certain permissions. Whether that be your camera and mic or location. What’s more, once you initially launch an app and it wants access to your location you’ll decide to have it only get access to an approximate location rather than precise.

Android 12 beta 2 also added quick on/off toggles within the fast shade menu that disable the mic, location and camera so as that nothing can access them.


Google’s slowly been improving its theming and customisation options, and with the first developer preview of Android 12 you’ll now customise your Home Screen grid more. Essentially, Google added another grid option. So now you will have 4×5 also as 4×4, 3×3, 2×2 and thus the default .

New picture-in-picture controls

PiP has been around in Android for a brief time and means you will have alittle floating video playing on screen even once you aren’t within the video app. The new controls make it possible to enlarge the window without going full-screen.



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